SOLC 3/31/16

The pitter patter of the rain against the window create a feeling of absolute calm. I read my book while I’m snuggled up with blankets. My eyes start getting heavier as if there is someone putting another weight on my eyes every few seconds. My mind drifts off thinking of the things that happened today and what I’m going to do for spring break. I put the book on my side table gently and slowly I lay my head on my pillow. My dog comes to join me on my bed. Thunder booms as we drift asleep together.

SOLC 3/30/16

For most of today I was alone in the house. I ran around the house and sang my guts out. And for dinner I ate noodles. To finish it off I watched a movie. Over all it was a successful evening.

SOLC 3/28/16

Braces also known as teeth jail are the #1 torture Device. They make drastic changes to the wire, then push it down on your teeth until it clicks and the worst part is they make you wear rubber bands. After your appointment you can’t chew anything so you live off soft food for a few days. I am currently sitting on the couch not daring to open my mouth so they pain doesn’t completely take over. I’m sure in the end I’ll be happy that I did this but as of right now I am hating every moment of it.

SOLC 3/26/16

Since Mary wasn’t able to go to the dowling dance we decided to throw her one almost a month ago. There was a lot of sneaky planning and accidental slip ups but she had no clue. We all got to Bryna’s house in our dresses and got ready for her arrival. Bryna left to go pick up Mary the suspense was killing us. When they came down the stairs we jumped out and yelled surprise. The look on her face made all of the hard work worth it. Her smile seemed to go for miles.

SOLC 3/25/16

I watch the clock slowly ticking away the seconds. I am filled with excitement for tonight. I am trying anything to distract myself from looking at the clock. Only a few hours left to go, hopefully I’ll get through them.

SOLC 3/24/16

I enjoy spending my evening sitting on the couch with my family watching a silly old Disney movie. With everyone’s busy schedule moments like these are hard to find. I often feel ignored or unimportant in our conversations at the dinner table because they are talking about collages, and I want to talk about what I had for lunch. My favorite times are when we are all together and we just laugh and have fun together. After the night is over I am always left wishing for more.

SOLC 3/23/16

The smell of tacos fill the air. They are one of my favorite foods. My tacos are made with the exact same ingredients in the same Order every time. I am very picky about that sort of thing. First is the sour cream next is the refried beans after that is the meat then cheese the the lettuce and tomatoes. That is the perfect and only correct way to make a taco. I guarantee that if you make a taco this way each bite will be a fiesta in your mouth.

SOLC 3/22/16

I bounce on my big blue exercise ball while I do my homework to remain focused. I have had this ball for about 4 years. It has seen me grow and change throughout the years. And today was the day it finally gave up. Thunk! I am on the floor trying to comprehend what had just happen. I hear my step brother laughing from the other room. I feel a wave of emotions come over me some of loss and some of laughter. I know it is just a rubber ball, but it was special to me. I go to the kitchen to see if we have ice cream to help me get through this tragic event, I was unhappy to find the freezer empty. Telling my dad what had just occurred he offers to go to the store to get a tub of ice cream, he comes back with cookies and cream. I get myself a bowl that is much to full for the size that I am. I go online to replace the ball with a new one. There were many choices with all different types of colors I decide on a blue one that looked similar to my old one. I look forward to it coming in the mail in about 2 days.

SOLC 3/21/16

Since we were given a gigantic DBQ packet from Mrs. Richards I couldn’t finish at school. So when I got home I facetimed Bryna to help me with it. We worked hard trying to figure out what questions ment, but also got side tracked with funny faces and storys we collected throughout the day. In the end we still finizhed our homework with time to spare.


M sister and I recently got two packages of pop rocks and it is a tradition of ours to have a competition to see who can make the pop the loudest. She usually the winner but this time I had a strategy. My plan was to dump half of the package on my mouth and get those started the slowly ad the rest of the pop rocks. Her plan was to do a little bit at a time and when the popping died down she would add a little more. I had a strong lead in the beginning but she made a big recover at the end because I have run out of pop rocks. For the third year in a row she was named the pop and rock’n king. Next year that title will be mine.