SOLC 3/14/16

Today I decided I wanted to start playing tennis. I come home prepared to give the speech to my parents on how this will be good for me and it will be worth the money and transportation. My dad seemed a little hesitant at first and then said there will be nobody to take me to the high school on Mondays. I thought about the possible solutions the best one was to ride my bike there. I didn’t like the thought that there was a chance of me getting lost but if it meant I would get to play tennis I’ll do it. This plan seemed to convince them. They wrote the check and signed the permission slip. Time for me to practice.

5 thoughts on “SOLC 3/14/16

  1. Tennis is so much fun! Good luck this year and im glad tou were able to convince your parents. No getting lost!!

  2. Middle School Tennis is so much fun! You get to play tons of matches and games, but you get to do it with your friends. If you need me to yell at my brother for being a mean coach, just tell me! (He just gets annoying and kind of cocky, but nothing too bad.)

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