SOLC 3/22/16

I bounce on my big blue exercise ball while I do my homework to remain focused. I have had this ball for about 4 years. It has seen me grow and change throughout the years. And today was the day it finally gave up. Thunk! I am on the floor trying to comprehend what had just happen. I hear my step brother laughing from the other room. I feel a wave of emotions come over me some of loss and some of laughter. I know it is just a rubber ball, but it was special to me. I go to the kitchen to see if we have ice cream to help me get through this tragic event, I was unhappy to find the freezer empty. Telling my dad what had just occurred he offers to go to the store to get a tub of ice cream, he comes back with cookies and cream. I get myself a bowl that is much to full for the size that I am. I go online to replace the ball with a new one. There were many choices with all different types of colors I decide on a blue one that looked similar to my old one. I look forward to it coming in the mail in about 2 days.

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