SOLC 3/19/16

Spoilers below

Today my mom, my sister, and I went to see allegiant.I enjoyed to the movie but it was absolutely nothing like the book. It got rid of parts I was exited to see and created an entirely new focus for the plot. Like the gas that made people forget everything about their past never made an appearance in the books and the petty fights between four and tris weren’t there like when tris was jealous of the girl who was training four because the were spending too much time together. I guess it was just disappointing even though I wasn’t expecting much.

SOLC 3/18/16

I love pancakes with syrup
I love pancakes with jam
I love pancakes with sausage
I love pancakes with ham
I love pancakes in the morning
I love pancakes at night
Please give me more pancakes
So I can take a big bite.

-Kim short

I really love pancakes and was craving them all day so I thought this poem was a perfect way to show how I felt about them

SOLC 3/17/16

The dentist is never a fun experience but sometimes you just have to get through it. they go through the normal procedure and every thing is fine so I get to wait in the waiting room. And I know it is childish but I sat down at the kid station and start coloring the Doc Mc Stuffins coloring book I choose to color the one with the dinosaur on it. I was so concentrated on keeping the color inside of the lines I didn’t even notice my ride had been waiting for me for 10 minutes. I quickly ripped out the coloring sheet and ran to the car. The masterpiece now sits on the fridge for all spectators to see.

SOLC 3/16/16

My dad was really sick today so it was on me to figure out dinner, I decided on spaghetti. I made a deal with my dad that if he told me exactly what to do I would make it. First thing to do was to brown the sausage. I set the stove on medium and cooked it until it was completely broken up and looked done. Next I strained the meat and set it aside, After that I had to start on the sauce (I was making the easy version) 1 can of Ragoo, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, the sausage from earlier, and 1 can of crushed tomatoes all went into the pot and were mixed in. To get that right there was quite a bit of running up and down the stairs. All that was left to do was make the noodles, that was a piece of cake all I did was salt the water bring it to a boil and put the noodles in. Dinner was a success and there was no left overs.

SOLC 3/15/16

Baking is one of the many things I enjoy. The smell of cookies in the oven is like no other. It diffuses throughout the entire house luring my siblings out of their rooms. There is a big smile on their face knowing in only a few minutes there will be warm chewy chocolate chip cookies in the their reach. Though my favorite part of it is the preparation I follow the recipe exactly making sure there is no more no less of what I need. The dogs watch me closely hoping that I will drops some so they can snatch it up off the floor. I roll up the dough in to perfect little circles then carefully I place them in the oven. I take them out and it is like a stampede of wildebeests are coming at me I drop the cookies off on the table and watch them eat cookie after cookie and Just like that all my hard work is gone within minutes.

SOLC 3/14/16

Today I decided I wanted to start playing tennis. I come home prepared to give the speech to my parents on how this will be good for me and it will be worth the money and transportation. My dad seemed a little hesitant at first and then said there will be nobody to take me to the high school on Mondays. I thought about the possible solutions the best one was to ride my bike there. I didn’t like the thought that there was a chance of me getting lost but if it meant I would get to play tennis I’ll do it. This plan seemed to convince them. They wrote the check and signed the permission slip. Time for me to practice.

SOLC 3/13/16

Daylight savings is my least favorite day of the year. You have to go to bed and get up a our earlier. This throws me off my schedule completely. I don’t feel hungry until 1:00 and I am not tired until 10:30. As I set the clocks back one hour I question why people still do this. I know farmers do this to wake up with the sun, but can’t they just wake up an hour earlier. That way people like me don’t have to be inconvenienced by this switch.

SOLC 3/12/16

I am possibly the most tired person on the the earth. All of my limbs are sore but I regret nothing because of all the fun and happy memories from last night. There was singing, laughing, smiling, and of coarse dancing. Everyone was so gorges! If there was something to learn from last night it would be positives and negatives of wearing high heeled shoes. The added height gives you confidence but is the added confidence worth having you feet at an angel at steep as Niagara Falls. Anyway so my day will be spent on the couch trying to recover from yesterday’s magical night.

SOLC 3/10/16

Cleaning my room is a big task and a lot of things are required for it. Clothes on the ground need to be sorted and washed papers and trash need to be thrown away and table tops need to be decluttered. To complete this I need a mix of old and new Disney movie songs, water and a few snacks so I can take brakes on the way. Once I’ve started there’s no stopping me. But to get started is the hard part. Well I guess I have procrastinated enough time to start the laundry.

SOLC 3/9/16

Oh no this is not good, I see chocolate in the house. I know that I shouldn’t but I feel the need to stuff them in my face. The chocolate is so rich I can almost taste it. I watch myself start to reach for one but then stop and tell myself they are probably for someone else. I walk away slowly continuing to ponder what I should do. I finally gave into temptation, and I am very happy I did.